Favorite brush pens

After hoarding several brush pens in Sekaido and Aeon, I finally found two of which I enjoy using so far. My first favorite which I got from Sekaido is a Marvy Artist brush. The very fine felt tip is way more flexible compared with that of Tombow’s ABT or Copic’s Ciao as well as the Marvy LePlumeII. It makes it easier to create thin-thick gradients in between strokes.


Similarly, the Sai brush pen can do beautifully well. Unlike the Marvy Artist brush pen however, it is made from fine synthetic bristles much like of a watercolor brush. It is more delicate to handle than that of the Marvy’s but it doesn’t take as much effort to create the thick lines. If you paint with watercolors, this pen can double as a watercolor pen for when you don’t want the mess of having to bring the water around.


Both pens come in different colors and are better priced than Tombow or Copic, about $2 for one pen. It’s great to have these in your collection especially when you like painting outdoors or coloring for manga-like artworks.

Leave a message in the Contacts page if you’d like to get these babies cheap from Sekaido or Aeon 🙂


~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!





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