phdcafé sews it!

Sometimes we become curious at things we thought we could never imagine ourselves doing. I believed I was never good at the art of sewing or knitting since I barely remember doing my own school projects of crochet or sewing as my aunt actually finished doing it for me (tee-hee!). In this day and age of advanced technology and to be in Japan at that, the country of convenience, I came across electronic sewings machines! Well not that I simply stumbled on them but I remember a friend asking me to buy for her a sewing machine with my card some years ago, which she gifted me with a door curtain for it. Years later, which was just recently, another friend expressed her passion for sewing hoarding her mom’s own machine when she’s at her hometown. With her mentioning several times about sewing and purchasing a good machine to make stuff on her free time, I became quite curious what these machines can do. After a little bit of research, I became more curious and interested in getting my hands on one of these too. My friend then pitched in the idea that maybe we could get a discount if we buy at the same store at the same time. However, I find that it is still cheaper to get them online in Rakuten or in Amazon. At first I thought I would just be making stuff to sell online or accept sewing commissions. But then, I had this eureka moment of refurbishing old clothes to give away to school kids in my home country! That’s when I pitched in the idea of “Sweet Angel Angie Project” to my friend Angie, one who loves sewing. As she was still deciding which machine to get, I got myself one of those domestic Juki sewing machines, which was really cool by the way.


Probably by remodelling old clothes to tote bags, I could do some little practice for now. And we could make some child happy too! So, if you’re interested in donating your old clothes or participating in our Sweet Angel Angie Project, drop us a message in the Contacts page.


~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



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