Project Fundraising

Hear Ye Hear Ye! Let it may be known all over the land that phdcafé supports the Sweet Angel Angie Project. And as a sign of allegiance, we bequeath what we reap from trading our photobook merchandise!

In other words, for every 36-page photobook of unit price 1,000 JPY (approx 10 USD?) sold,  we donate to the project whatever is left from printing cost and shipping. And you might get to own a keepsake from a budding photographer (wink, wink). You might be thinking, “Who’d buy from an amateur photographer?” To be honest, the objective of selling the photobook is not to profit but to actually gain funding to support the project, which aims to motivate kids to love studying! Even if it does sell like hotcakes, I may not have the conscience to keep a cent (TT____TT). Anyhow, as a first run, phdcafé publishes first of the summer毎日 volumes and 旅 Adventure Series as you may find in the Photo page. As a preview, you may find most of the photos for summer毎日 in this link. BUT! beware kindhearted fellow, that possession of the photobook is far more satisfactory to all thy senses than having not 😉 Will update the series and announce them in the blog if any, so keep a lookout soldier!  Thank you for taking time to read this silliness 🙂

P.S. Kindly leave us a comment if you’re interested to grab any of the copies (or both!)

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



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