$1 Stationery finds!

Let’s begin with this slim journal. It’s about 15x8cm in size and is a monthly planner. Also included are a few pages for memos. It doesn’t compare to my regular Nolty planner but this will do just fine. Realized I only used that planner for noting my daily expenses. Such a waste for a $10 diary since I also seldom write my weekly reflection.

Next should be the housekeeping book! As I’ve been keeping track of my expenditures and used the planner for that, might as well get a proper note for it.

The entries are quite straightforward but I’m a bit challenged with the explanation on how to log in things properly. Working on that…

Then we have the section notebook. As I’ve been following the bullet journal and has quite proven to be effective, the previous section notebook I have will be almost filled soon.

I couldn’t find exactly the same old style but to my surprise and unexpected joy, found a better design instead! Bullet journal using this kind of notebook is highly recommended.

Along with my old journal, running out of memo pad soon too! Time to replenish~

It’s a dotted spring notebook, also great for when noting kanji characters and writing them properly. Not really a fan of spring notebooks but this one comes in handy as you can keep in it your pen! Uh! Apple pen. Kidding aside, I usually bring with me a click pen and slide it in my ID strap whenever I go to our Monday meetings. To my horror, it left a mark on my white shirt so this type of notebook will makeup for that soon.

Lastly, we have the colored fude pens! Uh! Pineapple pen.

The color pay off were surprisingly unexpected for a dollar item. However, I find it quite disappointing as the felt tips were stiff. I expected them to be soft and flexible for a fude pen brush. Still, I enjoy doodling with these as the colors bring some kind of spunk!

Took me an hour to decide which ones to buy as there were just too many tempting kawaii stuff! Until next time, will update again if I get new finds.


~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



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