Finished an apron following instructions from sewing book for two weekends! I could have finished in one but I needed this D-shaped fastener. The results were surprisingly good for someone who is a beginner at sewing more complicated designs other than a simple tote bag (>.<)


Not bad for a first time. The texture and print design of the fabric was perfect for that apron I’ve wanted to buy which can be pricey. It must be the labor costs which makes them expensive because the design can be this simple and the fabric I used was in fact on sale. In other words, I kinda saved on labor and I learned to sew something in return!

The one thing I’ve had a hard time was attaching the strap for the waist. The fabric was already quite thick like light canvass but the folds made it thicker. This made it quite hard to sew but to my surprise, my sewing machine has done a great job!

Overall it was a great experience to actually make exact measurements and cut the pieces accordingly. I’m hopeful for this great start to something more complicated as making my own clothes in the near future! Until next time, will update for more weekend projects 🙂


~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!





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