Tokyo Coffee Festival Winter 2016

phdcafé visits the year-end Tokyo Coffee Festival with A and took some awesome sips and snaps!!!

This is A, who was appropriately dressed for the occasion with her handmade printed skirt of coffee beans, cup and latte art. 

They sell all sorts of organic produce from flowers to vegetables and fruits and our all-time favorite honey producer from Ehime ^_^

The mysterious coffee master is from Mui coffee shop

This person was not my goal in the photo but that cool coffee roaster \m/

The event had the coolest idea of a survey with the coffee cups in the trash.

And this Fuji-san dripper…

They had one of the coolest packaging for the coffee beans according to A.

And this pretty arrangement of dried plants from the artist nearby who was doing the dried bouquet.

A found a coffee shop from her home country. We bought this tea made from the pulp of coffee beans grown in the mountains of Taiwan courtesy of Luguo Cafe.

And met the award-winning masters!

Why hello there li’l man! Li’l man says what’s up y’all?!

A told me this used to be the symbol of the flag of Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. Ah~ history.

Look how happy are both to serve and to receive coffee 🙂

This one had a very loooong queue, so we gave up but snapped a photo instead.

Waiting for a line while the other had a long one.

Representing NARA! First time I knew of this name, will definitely visit this coming holiday~ yay~!

This shop served coffee Laos! A liked it the most as it was easy for her to drink. I tasted the mountains when I drank their coffee nom!

We weren’t able to find the Italian resto van where I bought the best lasagna the last time we attended the festival in summer this year. I hope we find them again next year 🙂 Tokyo Coffee Festival happens four times a year for each season. It’s a good opportunity to taste different brewed coffee and listen to good music while eating good food. And of course, to get good honey from Ehime!!!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



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