Lunch tote

Yet another weekend project done using old zipper from a torn storage bag from the dollar store and a woven plastic fabric we used as a picnic mat for this year’s fireworks festival. Ta-da~!

The pattern was taken from same book as the apron except with the addition of the zipper and a different lining material. I had to do a little bit of re-engineering since I changed how I sewed the lining and also because of the placement of the zipper with the handle.

I broke and bent the sewing machine needle in the process when I had to redo the bottom stitch for like three times of seam ripping and sewing. I realised I should think about baste stitching instead of closing it completely. Since I used a canvass fabric, it was a bit hard and thick after adding folds and sewing them in. The needle didn’t have enough power to penetrate through the fold so I somehow skipped the area where it doesn’t go through.

In the original instruction, the bottom part was supposed to be folded only without have to make any cuts. However, I had to open the bottom part since I’m sewing the zipper and I couldn’t figure out how to do attach it without being seen and with the lining. There could have been other ways but the easiest would be to cut the fabric in half, sew the zipper with the lining and stitch the bottom again. It takes a lot of steps but it was easier to flip the thing out   to the correct side after adding the zipper in.

Nevertheless, it was a good chance to reuse some old stuff and skip buying a lunch tote. It took half a day in sewing the parts together and several nights on weekdays to prepare and cut the parts according to the pattern. I guess it is also true for the other weekend projects I’ve had, preparation takes a longer process than the real sewing which can be done in one sitting. So far, I think I’ve gotten better at sewing and levelled up in skill after the simple tote bag exercises I had. In my opinion, sewing is a lot like more engineering as you have to be good with measurements and imagination.

Until my next weekend project update, cheers!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!




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