Bag in bag

Reused the biased tape from the same storage bag where I got the zipper last week. The edges definitely looks cleaner than without the tape. Now I know why bias tapes come in handy 🙂 The design was taken from the hand sewing pattern book and oh boy, it had a lot of parts. Unlike sewing by machine, there had to be several parts to make it easier to sew nicely by hand. Without having to sew for long makes you focus on the straightness of the sewn thread. Anyhow, I don’t think I will have to do this again, following instructions for hand sewing is a lot more work than having to just follow the one for sewing by machine ha-ha!

As  a bonus, I also made this seashell like clasp wallet as a side project. I found this clasp frame from my old stash back home and brought it back with me. I remembered buying it from the dollar store and never got to do something with it. Dollar stores have this crafts section and it is a wonder what you can find in there and make with your own hands. 

For my next project, I’ve decided to level it up a bit and start making clothes 🙂 I have this pattern book I bought way back but never really got into taking a look at it more closely. Next year, I may get a a second hand tailors dummy of my size because buying a new one is no joke for an amateur. It…is…freaking expensive!

Until next time and until I’ve gotten better, I’ll be updating with more projects.


~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!




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