Drawstring bag

Experimenting with the bag size possibilities from a tenugui, another on the series is the drawstring bag. It can be used as a shoe bag and also as a body bag as it only has one saddle that runs across the diagonal of the bag. The subway ticket tenugui pattern used for this purpose was perfect as it had a bold and playful design on it. Also, I was experimenting with the button stitch feature of the sewing machine and it turned out perfect!

img_0962-1Bonus creation was this tissue paper holder made from leftover denim-like linen fabrics I used from my other projects. I have yet to learn how to install the button snap-ons as putting them together by hand was tough. Apparently, you needed some equipment to put it in place, one that flattens the central tubing on the snaps.

So far, so good with my tenugui series and I’m hoping to do more!!!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



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