Sticky list

お久しぶりですね〜It’s been challenging for the past two months that I didn’t even get the time to post anything! And since I’ve been forgetful these days because of so many things to think about, I thought I needed to revive my memo pad to-do list and random notes again. Since I started with the Bullet journal for organizing my schedule and tasks, I somehow abolished my memo pad way of writing down things. However, I find it hard to write down just anything like when I used a memo pad (what’s the point of being organized, right?). The irony is, I want my notes (and thoughts) to be structured but I still miss writing down random thoughts on memo pads. I didn’t want to compromise my bullet journal habit so I decided to look for sticky notes which could act like a memo pad but have the freedom to incorporate it in my bullet journal. A trip to Tokyu Hands and voila~!

Isn’t the polar bear – panda transformation too cute? I find, however, that every time I make the list, I needed to fill all the lines most of the time. Having this kind of limitation makes it not so convenient for free thoughts (LOL).

The post it type, however, has gridded prints and makes it more convenient to write anything (from checklists to notes). I’m still figuring out which sticky note design is better for a specific purpose. The to-do list may be good for long term to-do lists like when I’m asked to buy things to send to my home country. The post it I use for work tasks that I may need to complete by the week. I’m still not sure if I find these very useful but so far, I’ve been using them for grocery lists and wishlists! Although, I still find a good ol’ memo pad would do well on free thoughts but sticky notes are better for keeping them in my bullet journal.


I found a water resistant A7 size memo pad in Daiso yesterday!!! Perfect  for the rainy season when you still want to take notes while under the rain 😛

Have a good weekend!
~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



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