Pullover blouse

Finally finished that pullover blouse I’ve been working on for a week now. Everything seemed to be easy peasy as pie. The experience was quite fun, from tracing the pattern to cutting the parts on fabric. I would say, the hardest part was stitching the bias tape on the collar and cuffs. Overall, it was fun improvising along the way with using a paper rope as button stopper just because I was lazy making one from fabric hehe. Good luck on taking care not to break it while washing!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!


B&W pouches

The latest series on tenugui creations are these black and white pouches. I divided each of the white and black version of the same coffee print tenugui into thirds and put each part together into pouches. Ta-da!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!


Drawstring bag

Experimenting with the bag size possibilities from a tenugui, another on the series is the drawstring bag. It can be used as a shoe bag and also as a body bag as it only has one saddle that runs across the diagonal of the bag. The subway ticket tenugui pattern used for this purpose was perfect as it had a bold and playful design on it. Also, I was experimenting with the button stitch feature of the sewing machine and it turned out perfect!

img_0962-1Bonus creation was this tissue paper holder made from leftover denim-like linen fabrics I used from my other projects. I have yet to learn how to install the button snap-ons as putting them together by hand was tough. Apparently, you needed some equipment to put it in place, one that flattens the central tubing on the snaps.

So far, so good with my tenugui series and I’m hoping to do more!!!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!


Azuma bukuro

Great dollar store finds led me to the wonder of tenugui magic!

Tenugui is Japanese for “washcloth” and can be of many uses. From hand towels to norens to interior decorations (they sometimes come in intricate and sophisticated designs worthy of hanging in the living room).

I have previously wrote on azuma bags in my previous weekend project but this time, I found an easier way to make one…with tenugui! With a little bit of origami folding tricks, there’s no need to cut anything.

phdcafé is producing these bags to raise funds for Tedzukuri, a Sweet Angel Angie Project event that offers free arts&crafts workshop for young people in Guimaras Island scheduled September this year. If you want to help us raise funds, volunteer, or if there is anything else, leave us a message in the Contact page.

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!


Three in a row

First in line is the smartphone case. Just so you know, there’s a treasure of sewing knick knacks that can be found in the dollar store! Like the leather handle and metal clasp for the opening that I used to make the case with my leftover canvass fabric. Reused a wrapping ribbon as an aesthetic and voila!

Then there’s this easy to make kawaii azuma bukuro that can be used as a shopping bag, lunch bag, or book bag! It is very compact as it is foldable and can be stored in the backpack 🙂 Very appropriate for students.

Lastly, we have the coasters! Very helpful to make when you have several leftover cuts which can be put together in a hulabaloo of a coaster 😉 Lovely aren’t they?

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!


Paper cup countermeasure

Introducing~ the Keepcup Star Wars edition!!!

“I am your father…” “nOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

In the midst of the Star Wars trend, what could be more quirky than a Darth Vader reusable twin wall barista grade borosilicate glass cup?! If you’re not familiar with Keepcup, it’s an Australian company launched five years ago which aims to reduce the use of takeaway paper cups and keep the coffee trend sustainable and environmental friendly. I’m a bit hypocrite about being environmental friendly but I guess it is a good way to start to aim for less waste 😉 If you want to know more about Keepcup, check out their site >> https://au.keepcup.com/

These cups could last for at least 4-5 years and parts are replaceable upon order 🙂 So, would you like to start the new year with wasting less paper cups? Grab one from their site now ^_^

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing and may the force be with you!


P.S. Our sincerest sympathy to the passing of Carrie Fisher.

Bag in bag

Reused the biased tape from the same storage bag where I got the zipper last week. The edges definitely looks cleaner than without the tape. Now I know why bias tapes come in handy 🙂 The design was taken from the hand sewing pattern book and oh boy, it had a lot of parts. Unlike sewing by machine, there had to be several parts to make it easier to sew nicely by hand. Without having to sew for long makes you focus on the straightness of the sewn thread. Anyhow, I don’t think I will have to do this again, following instructions for hand sewing is a lot more work than having to just follow the one for sewing by machine ha-ha!

As  a bonus, I also made this seashell like clasp wallet as a side project. I found this clasp frame from my old stash back home and brought it back with me. I remembered buying it from the dollar store and never got to do something with it. Dollar stores have this crafts section and it is a wonder what you can find in there and make with your own hands. 

For my next project, I’ve decided to level it up a bit and start making clothes 🙂 I have this pattern book I bought way back but never really got into taking a look at it more closely. Next year, I may get a a second hand tailors dummy of my size because buying a new one is no joke for an amateur. It…is…freaking expensive!

Until next time and until I’ve gotten better, I’ll be updating with more projects.


~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



Happy holidays!

It’s the season to be jolly fa-lalala-lalala and the opportunity to remind us of our friends though far away. For this year-end holiday season, phdcafé POST is making post cards to send to friends here and there, everywhere! Except for the blank post cards, everything else is personalised and handmade with heart ❤


The christmas wreathe is a series of folded tiny origami paper linked together and glued to the front of the card. The inked designs of “Happy Holidays” and phdcafé POST were designed and printed with the help of Pomrie stamp maker. I made other origami wreathes of different color gradients as well just to make it different (and because I already ran out of reds and greens hehe).

I still have extra postcards to give so if you’re interested to receive one during the holiday, drop me a message and your mailing address in the Contact page. I’d be happy to send you my Christmas greeting 🙂

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing and advance holiday greetings!


P.S. If you’re interested in ordering handmade postcards, let me know in the Contact page and I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.

Lunch tote

Yet another weekend project done using old zipper from a torn storage bag from the dollar store and a woven plastic fabric we used as a picnic mat for this year’s fireworks festival. Ta-da~!

The pattern was taken from same book as the apron except with the addition of the zipper and a different lining material. I had to do a little bit of re-engineering since I changed how I sewed the lining and also because of the placement of the zipper with the handle.

I broke and bent the sewing machine needle in the process when I had to redo the bottom stitch for like three times of seam ripping and sewing. I realised I should think about baste stitching instead of closing it completely. Since I used a canvass fabric, it was a bit hard and thick after adding folds and sewing them in. The needle didn’t have enough power to penetrate through the fold so I somehow skipped the area where it doesn’t go through.

In the original instruction, the bottom part was supposed to be folded only without have to make any cuts. However, I had to open the bottom part since I’m sewing the zipper and I couldn’t figure out how to do attach it without being seen and with the lining. There could have been other ways but the easiest would be to cut the fabric in half, sew the zipper with the lining and stitch the bottom again. It takes a lot of steps but it was easier to flip the thing out   to the correct side after adding the zipper in.

Nevertheless, it was a good chance to reuse some old stuff and skip buying a lunch tote. It took half a day in sewing the parts together and several nights on weekdays to prepare and cut the parts according to the pattern. I guess it is also true for the other weekend projects I’ve had, preparation takes a longer process than the real sewing which can be done in one sitting. So far, I think I’ve gotten better at sewing and levelled up in skill after the simple tote bag exercises I had. In my opinion, sewing is a lot like more engineering as you have to be good with measurements and imagination.

Until my next weekend project update, cheers!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!



Tokyo Coffee Festival Winter 2016

phdcafé visits the year-end Tokyo Coffee Festival with A and took some awesome sips and snaps!!!

This is A, who was appropriately dressed for the occasion with her handmade printed skirt of coffee beans, cup and latte art. 

They sell all sorts of organic produce from flowers to vegetables and fruits and our all-time favorite honey producer from Ehime ^_^

The mysterious coffee master is from Mui coffee shop

This person was not my goal in the photo but that cool coffee roaster \m/

The event had the coolest idea of a survey with the coffee cups in the trash.

And this Fuji-san dripper…

They had one of the coolest packaging for the coffee beans according to A.

And this pretty arrangement of dried plants from the artist nearby who was doing the dried bouquet.

A found a coffee shop from her home country. We bought this tea made from the pulp of coffee beans grown in the mountains of Taiwan courtesy of Luguo Cafe.

And met the award-winning masters!

Why hello there li’l man! Li’l man says what’s up y’all?!

A told me this used to be the symbol of the flag of Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. Ah~ history.

Look how happy are both to serve and to receive coffee 🙂

This one had a very loooong queue, so we gave up but snapped a photo instead.

Waiting for a line while the other had a long one.

Representing NARA! First time I knew of this name, will definitely visit this coming holiday~ yay~!

This shop served coffee Laos! A liked it the most as it was easy for her to drink. I tasted the mountains when I drank their coffee nom!

We weren’t able to find the Italian resto van where I bought the best lasagna the last time we attended the festival in summer this year. I hope we find them again next year 🙂 Tokyo Coffee Festival happens four times a year for each season. It’s a good opportunity to taste different brewed coffee and listen to good music while eating good food. And of course, to get good honey from Ehime!!!

~ヾ(^∇^) Happy brewing!